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¿How Arrive?

By Car

Reaching Taxco is easy; it may be accessed by major highways and roads in the states of Guerrero, Morelos, Puebla, Mexico and Mexico City.
In the link you will find the most convenient route from your place of origin to Taxco as well as mileage, the estimated time and the amount of the toll.

By Bus
Another recommendation to get Taxco is by bus. The most important companies in the country have frequent departures and have a connection network linking Taxco from anywhere in the country.

  • Estrella de Oro
  • Estrella Blanca
  • Costa Line

By Plane
It is also possible to reach Taxco by plane. There are 3 airports near Taxco that have ground transportation that connects every city with Taxco.

  • Toluca (TLC), 2 hours of Taxco
  • Ciudad de México (MEX), a 3 hours of Taxco
  • Acapulco (ACA), a 3.5 hours of Taxco

Approximately Cuernavaca is an hour from Taxco.

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